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Five questions about Kent – Quick Quiz

Flag of Kent - white horse rampant on a red fieldWe’ve returned to the UK temporarily on Dave’s employer’s advice. But it’s not all bad news as we’re staying in Kent. Here are five questions to celebrate this beautiful English county.

  1. Kent’s motto is Invicta, the Latin for “undefeated”. Whose invading forces failed to conquer Kent?
  2. What inedible bakery product is linked with the names Eliza and Mary Chulkhurst?
  3. Britain’s oldest brewery is based in Kent. What is its name? For a bonus point, in which town is it? For another, in what year was it founded?
  4. Which 19th-century author, born in Portsmouth, spent his childhood and later life around the Medway Towns?
  5. What’s the difference between a Kentish Man/Maid and a Man/Maid of Kent?

Check your answers here!

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