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Banish bacteria from your kitchen!

One of the biggest challenges of living and travelling abroad is trying to avoid food poisoning.

There’s no doubt about it: even though food poisoning is usually not life-threatening for healthy people, the symptoms – vomiting and diarrhoea – are extremely unpleasant. Who wants to spend their time gripping their belly and waiting for the next desperate dash to the bathroom? Or, almost as bad, bunging themselves up with anti-diarrhoea medicine because they absolutely can’t postpone their journey?

Our sister site, Not Delia, now has a full series of articles about food hygiene. Broadly similar to the course offered by the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health for food handlers in the UK, it looks at the causes of food poisoning and how to eliminate them from the kitchen.

Not all the advice will necessarily apply to domestic circumstances, even in Britain. But with a bit of common sense adaptation of the knowledge in the series, there’s no reason why the home cook can’t run a kitchen that’s clean, healthy and safe enough to prevent food poisoning – no matter where you are in the world.

Not Delia: Food Hygiene

PG Author: Kay McMahon

Kay has been an expat for nearly 30 years. She set up the British Expat website back in early 2000, whilst living in London and missing the expat life. These days she spends much of her time lugging computers and cameras around the world. (Dave gets to deal with all the really heavy stuff.)

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