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The Australian redback spider (Latrodectus hasselti)

An expat’s guide to emigrating to Australia: Part Two

In the second part of her guide to emigrating to Australia, Elizabeth Grey looks at housing, healthcare and other aspects of settling in - including those spiders!

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Cover of "Now wash your hands!" by Kay McMahon

Out now: Now wash your hands! How YOU can avoid food poisoning

Out now! "Now wash your hands! How YOU can avoid food poisoning", a practical guide to food safety by Kay McMahon. FREE from 0700 GMT on Sunday 8 September until 0700 GMT on Tuesday 10 September.

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British Expat Newsletter: August 2013

This month: Reverse culture shock - what happens when you return to your home country after an extended period of living abroad.

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British Expat Newsletter: July 2013

This month: Homesickness - the crippling effect it has on some people's lives, and some of the ways in which expats can try to alleviate it.

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Flag of Australia

Emigrating to Australia – the legal hurdles

Australia is a dream destination for many Brits thinking about upping sticks. But despite the language and cultural similarities, the paperwork and regulations faced by emigrants to Australia are as complicated as anywhere else. Dominic Higgins takes a brief look at at some of the bureaucracy you’ll tackle if you decide to make the move.

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