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Five questions about Ecuador – Quick Quiz

Ecuador’s famous for being named after the Equator, which runs through the north of the country. It’s also been in the news recently as the chosen political asylum destination of both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. But what else do you know about Ecuador? Take our Quick Quiz and find out!

  1. What famous – but misnamed – style of hat originated in Ecuador in the 17th century?
  2. The capital, Quito, is the second-largest city in Ecuador. What’s the largest?
  3. The last sovereign Inca Emperor before the Spanish conquest in 1533 was born in Quito. What was his name?
  4. Ecuador’s most valuable export is crude petroleum, but it’s possibly more famous for its second most valuable export. What?
  5. Ecuador owns a famous group of islands some 500 nautical miles to the west in the Pacific Ocean. What is the archipelago’s name?

Check your answers here!

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