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Five questions about Ethiopia – Quick Quiz

Ethiopia is the world’s most populous landlocked country and lays claim to being one of the earliest sites of human emergence – the famous hominid skeleton Lucy was found there. But how much more do you know about this fascinating land? Take our quiz and find out!

  1. Ethiopia was the only country in Africa to successfully defend its independence in the imperialist “Scramble for Africa” in the late nineteenth century. Which European colonial power attempted to conquer it?
  2. One of the world’s most traded agricultural commodities has its origin in Ethiopia. Which?
  3. The Rastafarian religion is based on the belief that an Ethiopian Emperor, born Ras Tafari Makonnen, was the messiah foretold in the Biblical Book of Revelation. Under what name was he better known?
  4. In 2017 the Ethiopian New Year’s Day (1 Maskarram) falls on 11 September. What year is it in the Ethiopian calendar?
  5. According to legend, which Biblical royal personage was co-founder of the Ethiopian imperial line whose rule ended in 1974?

Check your answers here!

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