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Five questions about Jamaica – Quick Quiz

Imagine a tropical island in the Caribbean – warm weather, lovely beaches, a slower pace of life. It sounds like Paradise, doesn’t it? But that’s often not the case these days, especially for some of the islands where drug-related crime, express robberies, and violence are becoming more common. Jamaica is a case in point. Earlier this month its government declared a state of emergency in one of the island’s 14 parishes, due to high levels of crime including several shootings in public areas. What do you know about the country? Why not try our quiz and find out?

  1. Which famous Jamaican musician was shot in the arm and chest by Kingston gunmen in 1976 and survived?
  2. Which Jamaican city gave its name to a mid-range British saloon and estate car in the early 1980s?
  3. The island now known as Jamaica was originally a Taino territory called Xaymaca. What does “Xaymaca” mean?
  4. Jamaica now has three ‘counties’, all named after old English counties. Can you name the three? (Hint: none of them end in “-shire”.)
  5. The ackee (popular name) is the national fruit of Jamaica. Do you know its scientific name, who it’s named in honour of and why?

Check your answers here!

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