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Five questions about Japan – Quick Quiz

How much do you know about Japan? Try our quick quiz and find out!

  1. Japan consists of approximately how many islands?
    • a) 60
    • b) 600
    • c) 6000
  2. What is currently Japan’s most popular spectator sport?
  3. The Great Wave off Kanagawa woodblock print (below) is one of Japan’s most recognised artworks. Who was the artist?
    Great Wave off Kanagawa
  4. In 2010, there was a controversy about Japanese restaurants with Michelin stars. Why?
    • a) Japanese restaurant owners complained that inspectors didn’t understand Japanese food and were under-rating their restaurants
    • b) Restaurant owners elsewhere complained that Japan’s restaurants were being over-rated to boost Michelin’s profile
    • c) A misprint resulted in several restaurants’ entries appearing with the Japanese character for a cow-pat instead of a rosette
  5. What is the most widely practised cultural activity in Japan?

Check your answers here!

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