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Five questions about Korea – Quick Quiz

Korea’s historical nickname was the “Hermit Kingdom”, so it’s maybe easy to see why not many people know much about it – particularly the secretive Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the North. But the Republic of Korea – South Korea – is a different matter altogether, yet many people might struggle to get beyond what they remember from watching M*A*S*H. How much do you know about the peninsula also known as the Land of the Morning Calm?

  1. How does Korea’s hangul writing system differ from Chinese or Japanese characters?
  2. K-Pop singer Psy won the Internet in 2014 when his catchy 2012 song “Gangnam Style” broke YouTube’s counter. Who or what is Gangnam?
  3. Which Korean former career diplomat succeeded Kofi Annan as Secretary-General of the United Nations from 2007 to 2016?
  4. Chronologically, what do Koreans have in common with racehorses?
  5. What are modern Korean chopsticks usually made of?

Check your answers here!

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