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Five questions about May – Quick Quiz

Did you know that there are more people born in May in the UK (including Dave) than in any other month? Perhaps you didn’t, but that’s not one of our five questions anyway. Here they are – see how many of them you can answer.

  1. Brian May is most famous for being a rock guitarist, but was awarded a doctorate in 2007. In what field was his research?
  2. “Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May” – one theory has it that “nuts in May” may be a corruption of “knots of may”. What is may in this context?
  3. What was notable about Victorian Clerk of the House of Commons Thomas Erskine May’s tenure as 1st Baron Farnborough?
  4. When match manufacturers Bryant & May acquired Gloucester-based S.J. Moreland & Sons in 1913, which brand name did they thereby acquire?
  5. Where is Scotland’s Isle of May?

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