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Five questions about Slovakia – Quick Quiz

To some extent Slovakia’s the forgotten half of the former Czechoslovakia, overshadowed by its more populous and more prosperous neighbour Czechia (aka the Czech Republic) to the north-west. So while we often suggest that you might learn something while trying one of our quizzes, that may be particularly true of this one. Have a go!

  1. Which Kingdom did Slovakia form part of from 1000 to 1918?
  2. Leaving aside the special case of Rome and the Vatican City State, Slovakia’s capital Bratislava and Austria’s capital Vienna are closer together than any other European capitals. How far apart are they?
  3. Slovakia’s dominant geographical feature is the Carpathian mountain chain. Which famous range in the Carpathians shares its name with a car manufacturer? And for a bonus point, which country does Slovakia share that particular range with?
  4. Bryndzové halušky is Slovakia’s national dish. Halušky are similar to gnocchi, but what is bryndza?
  5. Which US pop artist, famous for his silk screen prints, had Slovak parents?

Check your answers here!

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