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Audrey’s Pub Quiz 1 – answers

Category: Pot Pourri

  1. What is Esperanto?
    An artificial language
  2. Give the name for a written statement, sworn on oath to be true, usually in the presence of a lawyer.
  3. From which part of a pig does ham come?
    Hind leg
  4. What is meant by a “fortified” wine?
    One strengthened with alcohol
  5. Which day’s child “has far to go”?
  6. What is the date of Hallowe’en?
    31 October
  7. What are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints more colloquially called?
  8. How does a funicular railway operate?
    By means of cables
  9. In heraldry, what colour is gules?
  10. Who fled Hilldrop Crescent, Islington in 1910 and was later arrested on a ship to Canada in the company of Ethel le Neve?
    “Doctor” Peter Hawley Harvey Crippen

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