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Audrey’s Pub Quiz 2 – answers

Category: Difficult

  1. Brahma, as creator of the universe, is the first god of which religion?
  2. Of what is demography a study?
  3. In economics, what do the letters GNP stand for?
    Gross National Product
  4. What is special about the British Guiana 1 cent stamp, black on magenta, of 1856?
    World’s rarest and most valuable stamp
  5. Which blue-veined French cheese, similar to Stilton, is made from ewes’ milk?
  6. What is a cicatrice?
    A scar formed after the healing of a wound
  7. Give the name for a short-napped cotton cloth with a twill weave.
  8. A map which shows altitude, either by the use of colours or shading, or by actual 3D shapes, has a special name. What is it?
    Relief map
  9. Which Austrian psychologist and psychiatrist evolved the concept of the ‘inferiority complex’?
    Alfred Adler
  10. What is the term for the secondary ring of tissue of a plant stem which may turn into bark?

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