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Five Detectives’ Names – Quick Quiz answers

We asked for the first names of five famous fictional detectives – here are the answers:

  1. Inspector Jacques Clouseau
  2. Inspector William Frost
    (Known almost universally by his preferred nickname of “Jack”, Frost’s real name is revealed in the very first episode of the TV series – “William Edward Frost” is stamped on the back of his George Cross. His wife insisted on calling him Billy, to his evident irritation.)
  3. Inspector John Rebus
  4. Inspector Endeavour Morse
    (Morse preferred to be known simply by his surname, although he jokingly suggested “Inspector” as a given name. But it was eventually revealed – in the antepenultimate novel and episode, Death Is Now My Neighbour – that his mother (a Quaker) and father (an admirer of Captain Cook) settled on Endeavour, as it both fitted the Quaker tradition of using virtues as given names and was also the name of one of Cook’s ships.)
  5. Inspector Tom Barnaby

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