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British Expat Newsletter: January 2011

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There’s a touch of romance in the air in this month’s newsletter, with an editorial about Valentine’s Day to go with our new Quick Quiz about the festival celebrating love and lovers.

But it’s also Chinese New Year, with celebrations that run on for fifteen days from 3-17 February, both in China and across the Chinese diaspora. Gigi Ivanna has taken a look at how they celebrate it in Malaysia.

By coincidence, Malaysia is where our latest Pic of the Week comes from; more specifically, Penang.

Editorial: Valentine’s Day

Most of you will have realised that it’s getting close to Valentine’s Day – the celebration of love held every year on 14 February, when by tradition people send an anonymous card to someone they fancy in the hope of gaining their affections.

But it wasn’t always like that. Back in the late 1600s, for instance, it wasn’t anonymous. Samuel Pepys mentions his Valentine several times in his diary – apparently a different woman friend each year, whom he gets to kiss as of right whenever they happen to meet. Meanwhile his wife has a male Valentine of her own. It seems that an equal number of male and female friends would gather together and draw lots to decide who gets paired off with whom.

Of course, these days the people with the most reasons to celebrate are the chocolatiers, florists, jewellers and greeting card sellers, for whom Valentine’s Day is big business. The same goes for restaurateurs; Valentine’s Day ranks with Mother’s Day and Christmas Day as one of the three days in the year when any half-decent restaurant can expect to be fully booked.

That’s the case in the UK, at least. But Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean the same to all people all over the world. Indeed, in some countries it’s either banned altogether or else frowned on by religious hardliners (notably Islamic conservatives) or political ones (eg Indian left-wingers).

But even where it’s celebrated, the meaning changes. In the USA, it’s celebrated in school classes, with quite young children encouraged to make and send Valentines to their fellow pupils or their favourite teacher. Many Latin Americans celebrate it as a day of friendship as well as a day for lovers. And in South Korea it’s one of a sequence of days: on 14 February women give chocolate to men, on 14 March (“White Day”) men give non-chocolate sweets to women, and on 14 April (“Black Day”) those who weren’t given anything on either of the other two days go to a Chinese restaurant and eat black noodles to mourn their continuing single existence.

Meanwhile the Chinese will be celebrating their New Year – the Year of the Rabbit – from 3-17 February.

Are there any special Valentine’s Day traditions in your part of the world? And if there are, how are they standing up against the onslaught of homogenised commercialism?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please post on our forum discussion.

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