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Dennis the BE dog!

Pic of the Week – 8 September 2008

A small brown dog "smiling" at the camera

Photo courtesy of Gozo SPCA © 2008

All photos are digitally watermarked; please don’t infringe copyright!

We saw Dennis in Gozo SPCA’s photo gallery of animals they’re currently taking care of. He’s a lovely-looking dog and always seems to have a smile on his face! He’s been looked after by the volunteers at the SPCA for over a year now. Like them, we can’t understand why nobody’s yet offered him a home.

Anyway, we decided to sponsor Dennis – so he’s now officially the British Expat dog! But he still needs a home, so if he finds one we’ll be delighted for him.
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If you’d like to help the Gozo SPCA – a very worthy cause, we think – then sponsorship’s an excellent way to go about it. You can find out more on their website:
Sponsor a dog or cat through Gozo SPCA

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