I think it would have been a great idea to include at least one more paragraph about the “old” UK home that people are leaving. If you own the place, probably the best option is to rent it because this way you will get some money for it each month. And you will need money for sure no matter where you go.
The best way to get the maximum value out of your property is to make it look amazing. If you have an old wood flooring with scratches and dents, sand it! If the rugs need to be changed, change it. If the walls look dirty, repaint it. This works for both renting and selling your home. This way, people who visit your property will be more prone to rent or buy it. Moreover, they will probably pay a little bit more, if the property looks better. Most of the times, the money you invest in home improvements will revert and you will actually profit a lot from your investment!