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Housesitting – a great travel opportunity for both sides

How would you like to be able to go on holiday without having to worry about the security of your home and the welfare of your pets?

How would you like to be able to stay in the comfort of a proper family home – with no accommodation bill to pay, and possibly even getting paid yourself?

If either of these propositions appeal to you, then you should take a serious look at housesitting as an option.

Housesitting is a great way of solving the problems of two sets of people at once. The housesitters get the benefit of staying in a home that’s usually considerably larger, and better appointed, than the hotel accommodation they’d otherwise have to stay in. Better still, they get it free – and will usually have the catering facilities to be able to cook for themselves, thus saving money on restaurant meals too. In return, all they need to do is mind the house and any pets that live there.

Meanwhile, the home owners can go off on their own holiday or business journey, secure in the knowledge that their house (and Tiddles, Rover and the goldfish) are being looked after by someone responsible, and without having to pay exorbitant kennel or cattery fees.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how do you go about making such an arrangement? is the world’s largest house and pet sitting website, connecting home and pet owners who need a sitter when going away, with trustworthy people who want to housesit. They offer plenty of advice on how to arrange a housesit so that there are no unpleasant surprises and both parties can feel happy at the end of the arrangement.

With home owners registered in over 50 countries, housesitting has been cited as a big travel trend. From town houses in London to renovated farmhouses in Tuscany, apartments in Sydney and New York to beach homes in Hawaii – there are thousands of housesitting opportunities. Why not join the number today?

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