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British Expat Kiva team news: May 2010

Just in case anyone doesn’t know about Kiva – they’re an organisation which provides microcredit loans to people in poorer countries. This enables the people to become entrepreneurs and work their way out of poverty. Sometimes they need very little money to be able to change their lives.

By joining Kiva as a lender, you choose which entrepreneur you want to lend to. The minimum loan is US$25, so as you can see, it costs very little to help change someone’s life. The entrepreneur then repays the loan according to a system of scheduled repayments. Once it’s all paid back you can then choose to retrieve your money or lend it again to another entrepreneur.

And now for the latest news – I was looking at the BE Kiva team page today and found that our team members have lent a massive $2,825. Well done, team!

Please join our team and be part of helping people to escape from poverty. Here’s a link to the Kiva page where you can join up:

Kiva: British Expat team page

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