BE’s Kiva Lending Team: five glorious years

A milestone date slipped quietly by for our Kiva Lending Team a week ago. Yes, it’s five years since we launched it. (Well done to Chris (“fba”) for keeping track!)

So… what have our fifteen merry men and women achieved in the last five years? Let’s have a look at some of the figures:

  • The team has made 175 loans across 38 countries, with a total value of $6,625 (average value: $37.85)
  • Just over three-quarters of borrowers are women (76%); but they account for nearly 80 per cent of the total value of loans ($5,275)
  • The busiest sector is agriculture (53 loans), closely followed by food (51)
  • Top target country for number of loans is Cambodia (23 loans), followed by Peru and the Philippines (16 each) and Kenya (15)
  • Top target country by value of loans is still Cambodia ($775), but Bolivia is in second place ($600), followed by Kenya ($500) and Peru ($425)
  • The breakdown by region is dominated by Asia (64 loans/$2,075), Africa (49/$1,975) and South America (34/$1,525), which account for 84 per cent of the total.

You can find out more of the details for yourself at the lending team’s home page on Kiva. While you’re there, why not join us? It’s fun!