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Win an iPod Shuffle with Parcel2Go! - Door 2 Door Courier ServiceParcel2Go, the UK’s biggest parcel delivery company with a global reach, and British Expat are offering you the chance to win a brand new shiny silver iPod Shuffle worth £39! These little cuties come with 2 GB capacity – that’s space for hundreds of songs – and battery capacity of up to 15 hours playing time. And all in a tiny little clip-on device you can attach to your clothing or bag strap and take virtually anywhere!

It’s easy to enter. All you have to do is visit the Parcel2Go website (click on the image above – opens in a new window), have a look at what they offer, then post a comment on this page about what Parcel2Go means to you – whether you’re an expat yourself, or sending parcels to someone else who’s an expat. The best comment as chosen by Parcel2Go wins the prize. Simple, eh?

You’ve got until 2359 GMT on Tuesday 30 November to enter, so get commenting!

18 Responses to “Win an iPod Shuffle with Parcel2Go!”

  1. jeff

    To me, Parcel2Go means expedient delivery with reliable service.


  2. Ted

    To me, Parcel2Go has always meant that the people sending me packages from the UK – whether it’s documents from the guys in the company office or presents from the family – can do it reliably, effortlessly, and for the best value for money possible.

    Oh yes, and they offer self-storage facilities too!

  3. Graeme

    Wow, that’s a bright website! I like it, it’s easy to use and gives quick information. Unfortunately here in the North Americas we have to deal with Parcel2go’s partners and they are perhaps not as efficient or as reliable as Parcel2go. We have their partners DHL and Fedex, of which only DHL delivers and picks up in small communities. I guess I’d use them if I lived in the UK, and I’d like to use Fedex if it was available here, but seeing as it isn’t I’ll have to stick with Greyhound, CPS and USPS.
    Nice website though.

  4. Chris Green

    Parcel2Go, where have you been hiding? Frequently, as an ex-pat, I have needed items from the UK – but the transportation cost has often put them out of reach.
    Your website enables me to calculate the total cost before I send Aunt Ethel down her local High Street to purchase those essentials that I cannot obtain in Malta.
    Well done, the web site is now in my ‘favourites’. The shipping costs and choices will be invaluable.

  5. Rob Aston

    Parcel2go , It kind of puts the whole world in perspective how everything is now REALLY on your doorstep, Deliveries to myself in Malta can’t really be made any easier.

  6. Bob Young

    Just what I’m looking for as an ex-pat in Malta.
    Next time I have an urgent package to come out here I will make sure to use Parcel2go!

  7. james

    Parcel2Go takes care of my delivery needs and gives me more time to relax and have fun.

  8. Malkity

    I am very excited to learn of Parcel2go. What a great service and made so easy. I shall definitely use Parcel2go. Very impressed that the service is world wide. If only I had known about them before leaving Central America for Europe. But I will let all my friends and groups in Central America know of this great service.

  9. Mike Owen

    With all the proliferation of services for mail, packages and parcels throughout the world, Parcel2go looks to be one of the best. As I will be shipping from the U.K. to Malta on a regular basis, this will be the company I use initially.
    Hopefully they will perform as expected.

  10. Andrea Cameron

    Parcel2go…loosely translated in Kiwi speak as Parcel2come!!
    I am going to give your details to my mum in UK so she can spend more on my present and less on the postage lol!!!!

  11. tara

    Parcel2go – great quick quote to have an idea of how much a parcel will cost – has increased the Christmas budget (and the number of shopping days I’ve got!). Hurrah!

  12. Kendal Cottages

    A parcel belonging to Joe
    was shipped to Burkina Faso.
    He searched online,
    found something fine,
    in the form of Parcel2Go.

  13. Rachel

    If it needs to get there by tomorrow, you’re better off sending it Parcel2Go!

    I had never actually heard of Parcel2Go but I am glad I have now! These rates are very competitive, probably due to the worldwide leverage they have with other courrier service providers – and quick too!

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