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Five questions about Benin – Quick Quiz

This month’s quick quiz is about Benin, a country we rarely hear about. It was known as Dahomey from about 1600 to 1975, first as an independent kingdom, then as a colony in French West Africa between 1904 and 1960, then as an independent republic. It has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world. 17% of its population practise vodun (voodoo). How much more do you know about this fascinating country?

  1. The capital of Benin is Porto-Novo, but where is its seat of government?
  2. By whom was Porto-Novo established, and what was its primary purpose?
  3. What did the “Annual Customs of Dahomey” involve?
  4. Why is Hubert Maga significant in Benin’s history?
  5. Many Beninese people have Akan names, following a tradition founded by the Ashanti people of Ghana. What are Akan first names normally based on?

Check your answers here!

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