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Five pub quiz questions 3 – Quick Quiz

OK, time for another pub quiz. No particular theme to these, just a random selection of questions. Have fun!

  1. The new town of Poundbury, in Dorset, is built in line with whose principles?
  2. In the game of darts, the thrower must stand behind a line 2.37 metres from the board. What is the name of that line?
  3. Sir Elton John was born Reginald Kenneth Dwight but legally changed his name in 1972. What is his current middle name?
  4. In which country did the Orange Revolution take place? A bonus point if you can say when it happened.
  5. The tall chef’s hat, known as a toque, traditionally has 100 folds. What are these 100 folds said to represent?

Check your answers here!

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