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Five pub quiz questions – Quick Quiz

We’ve departed from our usual round of country-related trivia in favour of five “pub quiz” type general knowledge questions. See how you get on!

  1. The “Wiki” in Wikipedia was originally inspired by the Wiki Wiki Shuttle bus at Honolulu International Airport. What does wiki-wiki mean?
  2. Dickin Medals are awarded in recognition of what?
  3. A retained ring-pull on an aluminium drinks can

  4. The original version of the ring-pull tab on drinks cans often caused injuries, particularly to children who ingested the detachable tab after dropping it into the can of drink. The retained ring-pull, trademarked as the “Sta-Tab”, replaced it. In what year was the “Sta-Tab” patented?
  5. What is the main ingredient in the original British version of mock turtle soup?
  6. In 1990, future President Donald Trump won the Golden Raspberry award for Worst Supporting Actor. Can you name the film?

Check your answers here!

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