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Five questions about Ukraine – Quick Quiz

Flag of UkraineIt’s the largest country by land area that lies entirely within Europe. And the first line of its national anthem says, reassuringly, that it’s not dead yet. But what else do you know about Ukraine?

  1. The Kievan Rus’ federation of tribes that gave rise to Ukraine (as well as Russia and Belarus) may not have been Slavs. What people are the most likely other contenders?
  2. Salo is widely eaten in Eastern Europe but is particularly popular in Ukraine. What is it?
  3. The city of Lviv in western Ukraine went under three other names during the twentieth century. What were they?
  4. Professional boxer Vitali Klitschko was a three-time world champion before retiring in 2007. What new job did he take up on 5 June 2014?
  5. What geographical claim to fame does the small village of Dilove near Rakhiv in Zakarpattia Oblast boast?

Check your answers here!

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