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Five questions about Mexico – Quick Quiz answers

We asked you five questions all about Mexico. Here are the answers!

  1. Mexico’s official name is Estados Mexicanos Unidos, or United Mexican States. How many federal states are there?
    31, plus the Federal District of Mexico City.
  2. Which Mexican state is the home of tequila?
    Jalisco. The city of Tequila is in Jalisco State, and officially tequila may only be produced in that state and parts of five others.
  3. In 1986 Mexico became the first country to host the FIFA World Cup for a second time after the originally selected host country was forced to pull out. Which country?
    Colombia. Originally chosen to host the 1986 World Cup in 1974, Colombia withdrew in 1982 because of economic problems. Despite a major earthquake in September 1985, Mexico still managed to stage the World Cup just eight months later.
  4. The moth Cydia deshaisiana has a connection with which famous Mexican product?
    Mexican jumping beans. The adult moth lays its eggs in the seed pods of the plant Sebastiana pavoniana (a shrub of the spurge family). The larva eats the seed and then attaches itself to the inside of the pod with a silk-like thread. If the pod gets too hot for the larva (eg through too much sun), the larva jerks around inside, causing the bean to jump – hopefully to somewhere cooler.
  5. Which Mexican revolutionary leader, killed in 1919, gave his name to a moustache?
    Emiliano Zapata. He was the leading figure in the southern revolutionary forces during the Mexican Revolution beginning in 1910, fighting for land reform. He wore a trademark heavy moustache, extending beyond the ends of the upper lip, and with waxed ends.

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