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British Expat Newsletter: December 2011

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Our latest Quick Quiz focuses on Kendal and the Lake District, questions courtesy of Kendal Cottages. Test how much you know about this beautiful area by taking the quiz.

We’ve had a couple of interesting photos for our Pic of the Week (POTW) slot.

The first was from our BE stalwart, Mike Kingdom-Hockings, depicting a luxury mountain lodge in South Africa’s Northern Cape province. The concept for this strange-looking building is based on a traditional bushman’s hut.

David Stanley has also sent us an unusual photo for our latest POTW. This one is of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang, North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) – formerly Kim Il-sung’s Presidential Palace, now his mausoleum and that of his son, Kim Jong-il. I doubt whether many foreigners have the opportunity to visit the DPRK, and David’s photos offer a fantastic insight into this reclusive country.

We also added a short piece about BAR, the body representing professional removers in the UK. There’s lots of useful information on their website, including free PDF guides which you can download. If you’re moving house, then it’s well worth having a look at the free advice they offer.

Editorial: 2011 – highlights and lowlights

As the year draws to a close, it’s time for looking back over the year and reflecting on the good and bad things that happened. And also looking forward to the coming year.

Our highlights have included the wonderful support and friendship of the BE community. Also the travel opportunities we’ve had throughout the year, in various countries including Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. We’ve met some wonderful people both online and offline and also built on various friendships. So many of the really good things that happened to us were made possible by the Internet.

One lowlight was the flooding in Thailand recently. It didn’t affect us personally, but we saw the extensive flooding in Bangkok last month from the air as we came in to land at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Life must have been awful for those affected and those who had to live in fear that the waters would engulf their homes too.

What were your highlights and lowlights?

If you’d like to join in and discuss the good and the bad that happened throughout the year, whether to you personally or a wider issue, then please join in on our discussion forum.

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We’ve started doing some quick trivia quizzes – five questions about any subject. So, if you’d like to write for us but don’t feel like producing a literary masterpiece, then why not try writing a quickie quiz about your city, country, or even your hobby? Please use our contact form to get in touch.

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And now for something completely different…

Christmas is a time for families… to get together and embarrass themselves on the wrong end of a camera lens. Well, it is in some families, anyway. Have a look at this gallery if you don’t believe us! (It’s in French, but never mind if you don’t speak the language – the photos speak for themselves.) 53 worst family Christmas photos

So there’s a round-up of all that’s been going on. Come on over and see for yourself! Don’t forget…
Visit the BE website and join in with our lively community!

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