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  • The Lindau Lighthouse The Lindau Lighthouse
    The Lighthouse at the harbour entrance at Lindau, on Lake Constance near Germany's (and Bavaria's) border with Austria.
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  • Five questions about Thailand – Quick Quiz Five questions about Thailand – Quick Quiz
    Five questions about Thailand. How much do you know about the Land of Smiles?
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  • D–I–V–O–R–C–E–U D–I–V–O–R–C–E–U
    "Britain is considering a divorce from Europe. Who ends up with custody is down to us on 23 June but, as so often in these tug-of-love cases, we are not being presented with considered, cogent arguments in support of either parent's position. Instead, both are warning us of the dire consequences should we side with the other." A sideways look at the Brexit debate from the team at expatpost.
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  • Living by the book in Limousin Living by the book in Limousin
    Seasoned expat Mike Kingdom-Hockings tells how a lifetime of country living led him and wife Phyll to move to the Limousin - and how bookwriting keeps him sane (and gives him an excuse to get out of the gardening…)
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  • Waste not, want not
    A retired British expat in Thailand talks about the cyclical nature of the land providing food for humans and wildlife and how their waste in turn feeds the land.
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