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  • Cleaning company help for expat landlords Cleaning company help for expat landlords
    It's a well-known truth that the visual appearance of a property is one of the most important factors prospective tenants consider. People are far more inclined to consider a sparkling property than an averagely cleaned one. Furthermore, the cleanliness and aesthetics can easily mitigate or compensate for flaws and downsides to your property, which will inevitably exist.
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  • Wanted in Paradise! BBC2 need you Wanted in Paradise! BBC2 need you
    Are you seriously thinking about a permanent move to an exotic location? BBC2 is making a new series about Brits planning to relocate to places like the Caribbean, the Seychelles, South and Central America or other ‘paradise’ destinations. They'd like you to be part of it.
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  • The Buyer’s Quest: A guide to buying websites The Buyer’s Quest: A guide to buying websites
    Many expats are interested in online business, and one way of getting involved in online business is to own a website (or more, if you are so inclined). It can be hard work but also a lot of fun too. It's what Kay's been doing for almost 15 years now. But it's not always easy, and for those who look for easy ways to make (so-called) passive income, there are many pitfalls. This book attempts to steer a course through the dangers and help you win the game.
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  • Canal Dreams Canal Dreams
    A night scene at the Lekkeresluis bridge on Amsterdam's famous Prinsengracht canal. (Title shamelessly borrowed from the late great Iain Banks.)
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  • Five Questions about ancient Rome – Quick Quiz Five Questions about ancient Rome – Quick Quiz
    There are some great TV shows and films about ancient Rome and the Romans, but how much do you actually know about them? Try our quiz and find out!
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