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  • Nelson the Sheep Nelson the Sheep
    A fibreglass statue of Shaun the Sheep as Nelson, with the more famous statue of Nelson as himself in the background.
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  • Among the expats Among the expats
    "We tend to talk of foreigners in the UK as 'immigrants', irrespective of whether they intend to return to their country of birth or not. In fact, some intend to return and won't, some have an open mind, but will and so on. This is entirely a mirror image of what happens to the British abroad, most of whom do not return permanently. In a sense there is another, alternative, Britain out there, spread and clustered across the globe, the Britain of the expat, with its own culture and identity." Lincoln Allison considers the anthropology of the British expat.
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  • Owning a UK company as an expat Owning a UK company as an expat
    Are you a British expat who owns a UK-based company? Here's some guidance about the taxes you may encounter.
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  • The Bridge The Bridge
    London's Tower Bridge up close, on a beautiful April afternoon!
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  • Five questions about the world of wine – Quick Quiz
    How much do you know about the wine business? This month's quiz tests your knowledge of the world of wine without a drop passing your lips!
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