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British Expat Newsletter: March 2015

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This month we continued our series of expat interviews with not just one interview, but two!

The first was with Steve Bright, one of Britain’s top cartoonists. Whilst Steve isn’t an expat, he does have a portable career in that he can earn his living from wherever he chooses. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it?

Sadly, cartooning isn’t a profession Steve would recommend to anyone starting out these days. He suggests being a plumber instead. Why not read the interview and find out more? Plus have a look at some of his excellent cartoons.

Our second interviewee this month was author Rachel Amphlett. Rachel emigrated to Brisbane over a decade ago. If you read her article on BE last month, you’ll recall that she did so in the company of her gorgeous pet dog Odo.

Among other things, such as playing lead guitar and publishing, Rachel is also a successful author with several books under her belt. Is writing something you might like to do too? Find out what Rachel has to say about it and about living Down Under.

Our latest Pic of the Week was supplied by Bonnie MacPherson. It’s a zebra, crossing. A road in Kruger National Park in South Africa, since you ask.

We also have a new Quick Quiz for you. This time it’s five quick questions about British words for weather and other natural phenomena. It’s rather difficult, so to help you we’ve given you a list of definitions too. Your job is to match them. Have fun!

What do Churchill, expats, rats and a sinking ship have in common? They all feature in a new article from Murray Watson about emigration from post-war Britain. It’s an interesting read.

Rounding it off for this month, we have an article from Robinson’s Relo which looks at the relationship between expats’ ability (or willingness!) to learn a local language, their willingness to make local friends, and the satisfaction they get out of their expat life.

And if you’re still looking for something to read after all that, why not visit our forum? As well as proving information on a wide range of expat issues, there’s also the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people all around the world.

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Besides articles, we also publish quick trivia quizzes—five questions about any subject. So, if you’d like to write for us but don’t feel like producing a literary masterpiece, then why not try writing a quickie quiz about your city, country, or even your hobby? Please use our contact form to get in touch.

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Amazon don’t just do books, you know. We’ve teamed up with them to bring you the ultimate in online shopping—from a micro SD card to a garden shed! A great way to do your shopping online, especially if the shops aren’t up to much in your part of the world.
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