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British Expat Newsletter: August 2015

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Some of you may be considering buying a property overseas—whether you’re heading away from the UK under your own steam and don’t want landlord hassles, or perhaps you want to invest in a property portfolio. But the prospect of negotiating your way through the legal minefield can be more than a little daunting. A cautious approach is of course very prudent, but a little perseverance and a lot of careful preparation could help clear your way to overseas property ownership. Read our five top tips to find out how!

If you are going to buy overseas, you’ll be needing the funds to do that with. Whatever you do, don’t just blindly assume that your bank is the best place to organise that. You can get a far better deal by shopping around with the currency exchange specialists, as our article International money transfers—points to consider explains.

You may remember that our Take Five interview series kicked off with an interview of Jack Scott, whose début book Perking The Pansies we reviewed back in 2012. The sequel, Turkey Street, had just been published at the time we interviewed Jack, and Dave’s now written a review of it. The good news is that Turkey Street is every bit as pacy and entertaining as the previous book. The other good news is that there is no bad news.

This month’s Quick Quiz spans the Thames! We’ve asked five questions about London’s bridges. Most of you should be able to get at least one of them right. The rest are more challenging. Have a go!

And our latest Pic of the Week takes us to Israel, and the David Falls in the oasis of Ein Gedi near the Dead Sea.


Meanwhile, the BE forum provides information on a wide range of expat issues, as well as the opportunity to socialise with like-minded people all around the world. Join in the fun here!

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British Expat Amazon Shopping

Amazon don’t just do books, you know. We’ve teamed up with them to bring you the ultimate in online shopping—from a micro SD card to a garden shed! A great way to do your shopping online, especially if the shops aren’t up to much in your part of the world.
BE Amazon Shop: UK & EU | BE Amazon Shop: non-EU

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