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Free Arabic Language Guide

Try an Arabic language lesson from World Nomads. It’s free and fun!

The lesson’s available in two formats. If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPod touch, you can download the app, which has a 13-minute lesson with over 50 audio phrases. If not, then you can still download their MP3 audio file and listen to that, accompanied by the PDF file containing the script.

The script’s entertaining enough without being silly (although “Don’t shoot, these drugs aren’t mine” seems a bit extreme!), and it’s easy to pick up a few words even on the first listen. OK, Arabic is a tough language to learn and a 13-minute lesson isn’t going to turn you into a second Lawrence of Arabia, but after a couple of listens you should find you’ve got a few basic phrases under your belt.

Learn Arabic with the World Nomads Arabic Language Guide!

There are 24 other languages to choose from too. Including Aussie Slang!

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