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Stunning spiral

Pic of the Week – 19 October 2010

A spiral staircase ascending the interior of a lighthouse

This striking picture grabs the attention, but it may be a bit hard to work out just what it is at first glance! It’s the staircase of the lighthouse at Île Vierge off the north-west coast of Brittany, the world’s tallest “traditional” lighthouse and the tallest stone lighthouse in Europe.

According to the International Hydrographic Organisation, the western limit of the English Channel is defined by a line from Île Vierge at the southern end to Land’s End at the north.

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Mike K-H 08-11-2010, 20:01

Who took it? Looks like some of the ones I’ve seen in stock libraries. To take it, you have to hang the camera – with or without the photographer – over the middle of the staircase…

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