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Quisqueya - Ginnie Bedggood's excellent account of expat life in the Dominican Republic


Dave reviews Quisqueya, Ginnie Bedggood's account - at turns funny, candid and hard-hitting - of her first eight years as an expat in the Dominican Republic. Compulsory reading for any expat planning to move to a developing country!

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How to capitalise on Alberta’s worker shortage

"A good metaphor for the Canadian job market would be to describe it as an iceberg. The visible job market represents the tip, which is above the water. However, most of the jobs - like most of the iceberg - are hidden from view." Thelma suggests ways of tapping into all of those vacancies that never get advertised.

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Queueing up for Quito – Part Three

I have a latte at Plaza de las Americas – a modern mall with restaurants, cinemas, and coffee shops near Av. 10 de Agosto, not far from my hotel. This complex offers free wireless Internet; other places for Internet access include Papaya.Net, which has a number of modern shops in different parts of town, including […]

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Queueing up for Quito – Part Two

In daytime, the city is quite impressive, surrounded as it is by what seem like perpetually misty mountains. The old town is especially hilly and walking around it is quite an exercise. It takes some serious energy to be able to explore it on foot. Quito appears as relatively clean and with pothole-free roads; traffic […]

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Queueing up for Quito

“What shall I do this week? Oh well, I think I’ll just jet off to Ecuador!” This may not be a very common decision, and yet this is exactly what I am doing. And while sitting in the airport, facing a day of flying, I realise there is a certain logic behind my choice: it […]

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