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Xenophobe's Guide to the French

Xenophobe’s Guide To…

Dave reviews the Xenophobe's Guide series of short books looking at the traits that go to define the character of 30 different nationalities from the Albanians to the Welsh.

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The words "Thank you" in several different languages

Making friends and learning languages is difficult for British expats

Living abroad can be difficult, especially for expatriates who need to learn a new language. Over 25% of Britons living overseas have few or no friends other than other British expats, according to a survey from relocation company Robinsons.

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King of Scots, mounted, in full armour

Five questions about Scotland – Quick Quiz

Scotland's been in the news a lot this month, what with the #indyref and everything. But how much do you know about the nation's history? Take our Quick Quiz and find out!

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Luggage and a steam train in a station

10 tips to overcome culture shock when emigrating

'Everyone knows that moving home ranks among the most stressful of life experiences; add to that the need to integrate into a completely new culture, and the emotional implications can be off the scale. There are ways to make the culture shock and the resulting period of adjustment more bearable, and thus to overcome the impact.' Wayne Green of Love Removals writes in with 10 top tips to consider.

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British Expat Newsletter: October 2013

This month: The value of time—the varying attitudes to time management among different cultures.

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