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Forex: timing it right!

Choosing the right time to buy or sell currency is an arcane art rather than a scientific skill. Nevertheless, good information can help take some of the guesswork out of it - and that's just what OzForex are offering here!

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Expat life: when the great adventure starts to grate

Even if you do make it to the country of your dreams, it doesn't take much for the dream to become a nightmare. Dave looks at an infographic that shows why it's worth removing the rose-tinted glasses when contemplating becoming an expat.

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A matter of utility

Two contrasting experiences in dealing with utility problems gives Dave food for a bit of thought.

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Banker to the Poor by Muhammad Yunus

Banker to the Poor

Dave reviews Professor Muhammad Yunus's remarkable story of the Grameen Bank and the micro-credit revolution in fighting world poverty.

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Airline mergers – flying into turbulent times?

"I’ve yet to fully understand how two largely dysfunctional legacy carriers with a raft of problems can truly benefit from the United/Continental merger. As a fellow aviation professional, my first thoughts are with the employees of the respective airlines." Our aviation correspondent Roy Hinds takes a sceptical view of recent airline mergers.

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