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A chameleon stares at its own reflection

Being prepared

"I remember not being able to sleep well for days when I arrived in the West Indies. It was not the suffocating heat but the unexpected and scary sight of lizards chasing fireflies across the bedroom ceiling. I was also kept awake by thinking about the tarantula I saw scurrying over the garage floor before I came to bed and there was the incessant noise of frogs, cicadas and packs of barking stray dogs chasing bitches on heat. No guide book had prepared me for that." Murray Watson reckons that no matter how much research they do, prospective expats are always going to be surprised by something in their new home…

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Luggage and a steam train in a station

10 tips to overcome culture shock when emigrating

'Everyone knows that moving home ranks among the most stressful of life experiences; add to that the need to integrate into a completely new culture, and the emotional implications can be off the scale. There are ways to make the culture shock and the resulting period of adjustment more bearable, and thus to overcome the impact.' Wayne Green of Love Removals writes in with 10 top tips to consider.

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British Expat Newsletter: August 2013

This month: Reverse culture shock - what happens when you return to your home country after an extended period of living abroad.

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British Expat Newsletter: July 2013

This month: Homesickness - the crippling effect it has on some people's lives, and some of the ways in which expats can try to alleviate it.

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British Expat Newsletter: February 2011

This month: Team dynamics - do psychometric tests really work, or are they mumbo-jumbo?

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