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Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco State, Mexico

A trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"Getting out of the hotel and even back in was like crossing through Checkpoint Charlie in the '70s. I guess they have had some issues with bandits robbing busloads of tourists and they try to keep the vendors away from the hotel where they can bother the visitors." Graeme goes on holiday down Mexico way - and finds that rest and relaxation ends at the resort hotel perimeter fences.

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British Expat Newsletter: January 2013

This month: How to make money online (and how not to) - some of the pitfalls of web-based business ventures, plus a safer way of making a living on the Internet.

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British Expat Newsletter: September 2011

This month: Ladybirds - the gardener's friend (and the British schoolchild's) as seen around the world.

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Flag of Hong Kong SAR

Ghost embryos?

An unfortunately named Hong Kong man is accused in court of obtaining sex by deception...

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Eyes everywhere but no-one’s seeing anything

Reports suggest that the numerous CCTV cameras around the UK aren't as effective in fighting crime as they might be.

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