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Flag of Singapore

Singapore prepares for major events in July

News about some of the attractions taking place in the Lion City during July 2010.

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Cutting edge technology

(or: Clarkie Goes Soft) For a change, I’m not going to bore you with words. Well, perhaps just a few. Irrespective of hemisphere, you can clone your favourite plant with softwood cuttings. I say irrespective of hemisphere, because although I am conditioned to taking softwood cuttings from June to August, the name of the month […]

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About the lodgers

"Two years ago, we got a new, state-subsidised composter. It was much larger than our previous one and seemed to fill up surprisingly quickly. However, in reality the composter was counter-intuitively roomier. Five minutes bashing with a spade can work wonders." Trevor describes how his garden appears to be a magnet for unwanted lodgers.

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British Expat Newsletter:
24 March 2004

This week: Clarkie digs for victory - the problems of getting definitive information on EU Plant Passports.

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Plant Passports – Part Two

(continued from Part One) HM Customs & Excise are equally unhelpful. Their website reminds us that non-food plants are subject to VAT, so if you have the temerity to bring a wee cutting of the Bird of Paradise back to the UK after your brief sojourn in Spain you must declare it and pay the […]

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