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Rachel Amphlett

Expat Interview – Rachel Amphlett

Part One of our interview with author Rachel Amphlett who emigrated from Britain to Australia a decade ago. Here, Rachel talks about life in Australia, what made her move there and what keeps her there.

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"White Gold by Rachel Amphlett

Expat Interview – Rachel Amphlett (Part 2)

In Part Two of our interview with author Rachel Amphlett, she talks about why, how and where she writes.

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"Look Closer" by Rachel Amphlett

Expat Interview – Rachel Amphlett (Part 3)

In Part Three of our interview, Rachel talks about playing live at Woodstock (no, not that one), exploring the world, and her latest book, Look Closer.

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Cartoon rat with a suitcase

An untold story about Churchill, expats, rats, and a sinking ship

‘One of the great untold stories of the post-World War II years was the exodus of young British emigrants. Such was the scale of population loss that wartime leader Winston Churchill appealed to those wishing to depart Blighty’s war-torn shores “to stay here and fight it out”. And, in a fit of pique according to reports in the Daily Express, Churchill accused these expats of being ‘rats leaving a sinking ship”.’ Murray Watson reflects on some of the reasons why so many Britons chose to leave the victorious UK.

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Odo - pet dog

Emigrating to Australia with a pet

"When we first told acquaintances that we intended to emigrate from the UK to Australia with our dog in tow, we had to contend with expressions of astonishment and disbelief. The less charitable people suggested it would be cheaper to shoot him. Our belief was that if we’d had children we’d have had to take them with us, so Odo was emigrating too, whether those people liked the idea or not." Rachel Amphlett looks at the challenges and rewards of emigrating to Oz with a beloved pet.

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