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Category: Belgium

Swans on a canal in Autumn

Swanning off?

Swans on the Minnewater, part of the network of canals in the town of Brugge (Bruges) in West Flanders, Belgium.

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Buildings alongside a canal in Bruges

In Bruges

Buildings alongside one of the canals in the beautiful Belgian city of Bruges.

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Belgium’s great beers: Part Two

"Let's move on to the more widely-drunk, "standard" Belgian beers: the "blonds" – broadly speaking, lighter, more lager-like beers – and the browns, which are maltier and more like English mild or German Altbier. (And no, there don't seem to be any redheads – unless of course you count kriek, the cherry-flavoured beer...)" Dave looks at more of Belgium's great beers.

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A glass and a bottle of Hoegaarden wheat beer

Belgium’s great beers: Part One

"The English and the Germans may think that their beer's something to brag about, but when it comes to variety and quality, you'd be hard pushed to beat the Belgians..." Dave has a slurp of some of Belgium's great beers.

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