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Bush, balls and blast

“Those of us with any sense have been stoutly ignoring the state visit by Emperor Bush to London this week (whilst those of us without sense seem to have spent the week attempting to scale the gates of Buckingham Palace, where the nice guards with silly hats have shown admirable patience…)” Dave Stock writes for British Expat magazine about the Bush State Visit to the UK and the Rugby World Cup final.

Why you should be glad you don’t live in Britain

“OK, so you can’t buy Baked Beans the way you like them and Marmite’s a no-no. OK, so export Guinness is a treacly mess. OK, so you get The Times three days late. I know living abroad isn’t all hay and sunshine, but it has one major advantage – you are all about as far away from British Bus Stops as I would wish to be.” Dave Stock indulges in a rant at one of his pet peeves…