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Puerto Vallarta in Jalisco State, Mexico

A trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“Getting out of the hotel and even back in was like crossing through Checkpoint Charlie in the ’70s. I guess they have had some issues with bandits robbing busloads of tourists and they try to keep the vendors away from the hotel where they can bother the visitors.” Graeme goes on holiday down Mexico way – and finds that rest and relaxation ends at the resort hotel perimeter fences.

Flag of Fiji

Thoughts on Fiji

“Fiji is an incredibly beautiful country, the forests are green and lush, the sea is blue and has an incredibly rich ecosystem. Snorkelling was amazing along the reefs and inlets. The cities and towns are amazingly dirty with little to commend any of them for areas of beauty or architecture.” BE Forum stalwart Graeme shares his impressions of Fiji.