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Jenkin Au currently lives in Hong Kong, where he works at Global Health Insurance (http://www.global-health-insurance.com/), one of the world's leading health and medical insurance brokers.

Water Sky Garden

Pic of the Week: 30 August 2012

Water Sky Garden by Janet Echelman

by Jenkin Au © 2012

Water Sky Garden, a sculpture created by Janet Echelman.

Jenkin adds:

“Janet Echelman makes beautiful free and fixed form public art pieces that are jaw dropping. You can find out more about her at Wikipedia, and she’s done a TED Talk too.

“When I was living in Vancouver, I took this photo at one of my favourite photography sites: the Speed Skating Oval in Richmond, BC, built for the 2010 Winter Olympics. I saw this shot and couldn’t pass it up. I now work in Hong Kong (see my profile below) and hope to be able to shoot more of these types of pictures.”

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