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Mike K-H's 2.6 hectare garden

Living by the book in Limousin

Seasoned expat Mike Kingdom-Hockings tells how a lifetime of country living led him and wife Phyll to move to the Limousin – and how bookwriting keeps him sane (and gives him an excuse to get out of the gardening…)

Christmas around the world – France

“Several shops and small businesses, as well as a few private houses, sport half-sized Santa Claus figures shinning up ropes fixed to the gutters. Next year I’ll get one myself, but I also need a stuffed wolf to put at the bottom of the rope to make it more exciting.” Mike Kingdom-Hockings tells of his Joyeux Noël in France.

Car in the Toyota 1,000 km Desert Race 2002 in the Kalahari Desert

Kicking up the dirt!

Pic of the Week – 30 September 2005 by Mike Kingdom-Hockings © 2002 All photographs are digitally watermarked – please don’t infringe copyright! Mike adds: “This…

A farrier shoeing a horse

An old craft

“This South African farrier used to travel most of the year – including up into Botswana, where I photographed him with my trusty old AE-1.”

van Rhyn's Pass, South Africa

van Rhyn’s Pass, South Africa

“South Africa has some superb wilderness that matches US parks – without the crowds. That’s why we hire a pickup and take dirt roads some of the time (although van Rhyn’s Pass is actually on one of the three tarred main roads going vaguely north/south).”