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Stroppy Knickers’ Progress: Part Two

“It’s here! It’s here! It’s in Maltese waters, anyway! Our container ship has been sat sitting outside the harbour since Saturday, waiting for a berth. It’s got my kitchen and knickers on it.. and it’s there, right bloody there! And I can’t have it!” In Part Two of her journal, Stroppy Knickers’ possessions are tantalisingly close to catching up with her…

Stroppy Knickers’ Progress: Part One

“We spent the rest of the evening discussing how best to drop the absent plumber in boiling oil, and cheerfully blew up the airbeds in preparation for a very long night trying to pee quietly in a bucket and periodically whispering obscenities in the general direction of anyone unfortunate enough to be a bloody plumber.” Part One of Stroppy Knickers’ journal of her move to Malta.