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Mountain lodge in Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Springbok Mountain Lodge

A mountain lodge at Naries Namakwa Lodge, Springbok, Northern Cape, South Africa - based on a wattle-framed bushman dwelling.

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Flag of Nigeria (square)

The Night of the Long Camp

"By now the black night had enveloped us and as we listened to the plaintive cries of the wild cars coming from the Epe Expressway the kids at first organised themselves into tribal games of piggyback racing and chasing. Eventually the females gathered in a circle and discussed "Relationships: their pitfalls and advantages", while most of the guys engaged in serious male bonding. Some competed in teams trying to kick a leather ball into a target, while a small group secretly began imbibing hallucinatory liquids..." Franjo Wright supervises a group of Duke of Edinburgh's Award candidates on an overnight camp in Lagos!

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Flag of Tunisia

Tunisia: Independence Day

Tunisia obtained its independence from France on 20 March 1956.

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Flag of Mauritius

Mauritius: National Day

Mauritius became independent on 12 March 1968 and adopted a parliamentary republican constitution exactly 24 years later.

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Flag of Tanzania

Tanzania: Independence Day/Republic Day

Tanzania celebrates Independence Day and Republic Day on 9 December

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