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Know your service providers

“If you’ve just started your research for a move to Canada, you will have seen many adverts, both on the net and in print, for a myriad of service providers who can assist you with your move – but are you really clear about who does what and which service is the right one for you and your budget?” Thelma guides us through the labyrinth of seeking professional immigration advice.

Alone in Canada

“In Canada, you have to start all over again, build a new life, make new friends and find your place in a new community. This is a challenge all newcomers face, but if you come here alone – with no close family or friends to help and support you – then this challenge may seem even more daunting for you.” Thelma O’Connor gives ten top tips on how to meet the challenge!

Choosing the destination for you

“The vastness of this country makes choosing a destination all that more difficult. Do you choose to live near the ocean, in the mountains, in a large city, on the prairies, or in the lake regions? Suddenly, choosing somewhere seems overwhelming!” Thelma advises on how to narrow down the choices.

No Canadian work experience?

“New arrivals are eager and enthusiastic to join the Canadian work force and make a smooth transition to their new life. They suddenly find themselves faced with what seems like a no-win situation: no Canadian work experience – no job; no job – no Canadian work experience!” Thelma suggests ways of breaking the deadlock.

Top dozen tips for moving to Canada

“Moving to another country is easily one of life’s most exciting and yet stressful situations. Some simple preparation and basic facts, however, can eliminate a lot of the anxiety from your move. It will also give you the best possible start to your new life in Canada.” Twelve hints to ease the stress and strain of moving to Canada.

City and wilderness views of Canada

The high cost of poor preparation

“Kathy was sad and disappointed to be leaving her dream behind and turning her back on their new life in Canada. As a settlement consultant myself, I was naturally curious to hear more about their particular circumstances, and why she felt that their short-lived time in Canada had been such a dismal failure for her and her family.” Getting it wrong can carry a high financial and emotional cost, as Thelma explains.