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Weather Real winters here start around December with lots of lovely deep snow until April. Perfect for snowmobiling. Advice: Tip 1: pick a vacation home that’s near to the road. The further you are away from it, the more snow you’ll have to shovel. Tip 2: order your logs in early, like June. Tip 3: […]

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Having searched the Net before we came to Canada, we had, as you do, built up in our minds what type of property we’d like to purchase as our perfect bolt hole. This would be a log cabin on a sizeable piece of land, not too far away from civilisation, with a large workshop, water […]

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Water Unlike in the UK, properties here are spaced far apart, and for the most part, each home will have its own water supply. Some are dug wells, others drilled, some supplied from lakes, others shared sources. Drilled wells are best for purity and quality and go on for years – saving a fortune over […]

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Setting up house

Electrical Equipment Regarding TVs. We shipped over two small televisions and accompanying video players, as we can play both British and American tapes on our machines, but it doesn’t work vice versa. They will not of course pick up the TV broadcast here and were only to be used for videos and games. The only […]

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TV Once the novelty of a new culture starts to die down, homesickness will set in. This may seem daft as apart from everyone being so kind, they also all speak English. Even some of the countryside resembles rural England. On the surface, there should be no problem. I think the main cause, believe it […]

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