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Emigrate 2004, Sandown Racecourse: a review

"...The seminar that we were booked into - 'Surviving the Emigration experience' - was somewhat interesting, as apparently it was given by two people who didn't survive it, and have now returned to the UK. Also they did not go to Canada as we had been told, but to Australia, so not a lot of help there!" Richard gives us a review of the Emigrate 2004 event held at Sandown.

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Alone in Canada

"In Canada, you have to start all over again, build a new life, make new friends and find your place in a new community. This is a challenge all newcomers face, but if you come here alone - with no close family or friends to help and support you - then this challenge may seem even more daunting for you." Thelma O'Connor gives ten top tips on how to meet the challenge!

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Snow, beautiful snow!

"By the afternoon, some of our workers were straggling in and one by one, those of us who had been there for over 30 hours working, started to go home. We made our way through four feet or more of snow to the employees' parking lot, only to discover... my car was gone! Disappeared under almost nine feet of snow! What to do?!" Many Canadians love snow but it can cause a few problems too, as Nora relates...

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Choosing the destination for you

"The vastness of this country makes choosing a destination all that more difficult. Do you choose to live near the ocean, in the mountains, in a large city, on the prairies, or in the lake regions? Suddenly, choosing somewhere seems overwhelming!" Thelma advises on how to narrow down the choices.

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No Canadian work experience?

"New arrivals are eager and enthusiastic to join the Canadian work force and make a smooth transition to their new life. They suddenly find themselves faced with what seems like a no-win situation: no Canadian work experience - no job; no job - no Canadian work experience!" Thelma suggests ways of breaking the deadlock.

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