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Category: USA

Meet me in St Louis, Louie

Part One Just a hundred years ago St Louis, in Missouri, was the fourth largest city in the United States of America. Handily placed on the banks of the Mississippi, the city hosted both the World Trade Fair and the third modern Olympic games in 1904. It was a major centre of trade and industry […]

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Flag of Georgia (US State)

Moving to Georgia

"Georgia's state motto should read: 'Georgia – where they put the "fun" in fundamentalism'. Be prepared to be called to prayer at the most bizarre moments. I found I couldn't even attend an amateur radio club meeting without the proceedings starting with the pledge of allegiance and then some prayer..." Alan takes a wry look at life in the Empire State of the South.

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Heaven and Hell in the Big Easy

"Someone once described the experience of entering New Orleans as 'being humped by a wet dog'. Ask an outsider about the 'Crescent City' and they'll probably reel off a brochure at you: jazz, blues, Voodoo, Mardi Gras, Creole food, graveyards and Bourbon Street. Now ask a local and they'll tell you about the heat. They'll probably swear too." Oliver Hennessey tells it like it really is in New Orleans...

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