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Category: Editor’s Blog

Snake Oil! How “Make Money Online” scams work …and how to avoid them

Download our latest eBook - all about the murky world of the 'make money online' industry. Free through the Kindle Store until 0800 GMT on Sunday 18 November!

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Gate guard statues at Angkor Thom South Gate

Cambodia Basics: 101 Tips – out now!

Wow! Our second new eBook for Kindle in less than a week is now available - Cambodia Basics: 101 Tips.

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Statue of Socrates wearing sunglasses

The Smart Tourist’s Guide to Greece – out now!

Download our new eBook for Kindle, The Smart Tourist's Guide to Greece by Theodore Koukouvitis!

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eVisa Asia? e-Visa rip-off!

Dave gets an email from a company inviting him to pay them $15-$20 to add a pointless extra step into his applications for e-visas.

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DHL Express international couriers – NOT RECOMMENDED!

Poor service from DHL leaves expats high and dry after DHL loses their documents and does very little to resolve the issue.

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